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Set Up Procedures

* Site should be clear of debris and overhead obstructions. A tarp is recommended if setting up on gravel or stone.

* Roll the inflatable out on designated site.

* Locate tie downs on bottom edge of inflatable and stretch out.

* Anchor the inflatable with proper methods: stakes which are attached to the structure and corkscrewed or driven into the ground or by using sandbags.

* After anchoring, attach blower and make sure it is securely fastened to the air inlet tube and all zippers or outlet tubes are closed.

* Power cord or receptacle must be the proper voltage and amperage before plugging in blower.

* Turn blower on and check for proper inflation.
Infaltables Start the Party!
Preparing Inflatable

* Check structure and surrounding area for debris or anything that might pucture or cause damage.

* Check the inlet tube to make sure blower is securely attached and all zippers are closed.

* Check all stakes, tie downs, clips or ropes. If stakes are located away from structure, they must be covered.

* Check electrical cords for proper connections and any defects.

* Check blower for proper guards and shields.

* Fully inflate structure and check the outside for rips or tears as well as signs of aging and cracking.

* Check the inside for moisture, rips, tears or any debris that may possibly cause damage.

* Make sure that safety rules are legible and clearly visible to users.
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1. Remove riders from the unit and unplug blower. Disconnect the blower from the unit and oper the air vent.

2. when the enit is deflated, fold each side to the center allowing one side to overlap the other.

3. Next. fold in half again to form single width.

4. Starting from the door, foll the unit toward the rear pushing an excess air from the space walk.

5. Place tie straps under the unit, tuch in the tubes and tie the bundle so it is secure.
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